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Tree of Life

I have been looking a lot into symbols lately and came across the Tree of Life. A very catholic and meaningful symbol. I have a necklace of it that I had bought months ago before researching it. In the past couple weeks it has become very sacred to me. It represents eternal life, which is the obvious meaning people think of. What I love most is that it means things can always be new once again and you can start over. In the winter months trees lose their leave and are bare. When spring comes around again they become full of life once again. It doesn’t die just becomes new. Life has been rocky lately, but I keep remembering that things can always be better. This is not the end and things will always be better and more beautiful. You always have the chance to start over whenever you chose. It all depends if you have the courage to keep moving forward. Better things are always ahead just have faith. 


Look up

Look up by Gary Turks
I have just watched the video above not once but 3 times. It talks about the problems with technology and social media today. He simply says it. We miss out on experiences sitting behind our phones or computers all day long. When we feel uncomfortable in public we just pull out our phones. Most people think it makes them feel less alone. No longer do we make conversation with random people in public, rather we sit on twitter.

He makes the point of showing what we miss out on looking at our computer screen, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What have I missed out on?” For how much I sit on my phone going through Instagram, I have missed out on a lot. A lot of experiences passed up. And experiences we do have is it the same if we don’t share it on social media? Did it really happen if we don’t post a tweet or picture about where we were? We don’t seem to think so. We find time to post all these pictures so that people can see exactly what were doing at every hour of the day. We aren’t living anymore. How can we enjoy an experience if we’re only worried about making sure other people know what we’re doing. And the people that were are publicizing our experiences for don’t even care. Most “friends” on social networks are people we have never talked to in person. They are our online friends. Do we really want to waste amazing experiences with people who don’t give a damn? I’d much rather be in the moment and enjoy it for myself

If you have yet to watch this video, I highly recommend it. Definetly an eye opener and makes you want to put your phone down and go live. Have a great day all, and most of all, make it productive.