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Almost Time!

Tomorrow is the start of the lent season! What is everyone giving up? It can be anything such as a goal or something you want to improve. This year I’m looking to improve myself tremendously with both my mind and body. So, this year I am picking one thing to give up and one to improve. I think something I am giving up is ice cream. That is my weakness, but really who doesn’t like it?? Now, I still do not know what I want to improve on. I know I need to stop talking about people and lying. I seem to lie about small things that don’t even matter. So many options but what is best? Anyone have any options? I am looking to last for the whole entire lent season this year, but it is such a struggle! Just for some self improvement I am going to do my cardio 4 days a week instead of weighting-lifting 7 days. Hoping to see a difference!