Almost Time!

Tomorrow is the start of the lent season! What is everyone giving up? It can be anything such as a goal or something you want to improve. This year I’m looking to improve myself tremendously with both my mind and body. So, this year I am picking one thing to give up and one to improve. I think something I am giving up is ice cream. That is my weakness, but really who doesn’t like it?? Now, I still do not know what I want to improve on. I know I need to stop talking about people and lying. I seem to lie about small things that don’t even matter. So many options but what is best? Anyone have any options? I am looking to last for the whole entire lent season this year, but it is such a struggle! Just for some self improvement I am going to do my cardio 4 days a week instead of weighting-lifting 7 days. Hoping to see a difference!


Why do we feel lonely?

I am surrounded by so many loved ones but still feel alone. I have spent plenty of time with my friends and family over the past few days and still just want to be my myself. Why is it that we feel like this? I know I always do after I lose someone in my life that I wanted there. I think about the memories and realize that I probably won’t see that person for a long time. They have moved on to someone better suited for them. Hey, shit happens, but what could I do about it? Never look back unless its to see how far you’ve come. When I see how far I’ve come from previous experiences I realize this is only a bump in the road. This weather has a lot to do with this slump I’ve been in as well. Michigan weather is as bipolar as my life. Some sunshine and warm weather is a must for this girl in the next few weeks. A trip to Florida is in the making, even if I have to go on my own lol! People around here aren’t very spontaneous to just up and leave for a little while. Just have to look on the brighter side of things and remember everything will be different in a month and feelings always change

Appreciate Others

Anyone else every find themselves not appreciating the simple things in life? I have found myself doing this often lately, especially with family. Family is supposed to be the greatest part about life. Now, family doesn’t have to be your mom, dad, siblings, etc., it can be close friends. Having a close family helps living life even better and more joyful. Lately, I have not been spending as much time with my family because I was trying to impress others who don’t matter. Make people prove that they deserve to be in your life before you give them a place in it. Opening yourself up too fast is setting you up to failure. This is something I have learned the hard way, but I am beginning to learn who I need to help me grow. Stay close to friends and family and spend as much time with them as possible. You will find yourself becoming happier. “Enjoying the finer things in life” does not mean diamonds and fancy clothes ladies!!! Enjoy the people who love to just be around you and bring out the best in you! Have a wonderful day everyone and think positive!positive-quotes-7

Nighttime Thoughts

Why is it that at night our minds seem to go through every event that has ever happened? It’s only when we lay down to relax that this happens. Each night it’s a fight with my own mind to try and ignore all the scenarios and fall asleep. All I can think about is I should have done this and maybe he wouldn’t have left, or if I said this it could have made a difference. There is no going back to change what has happened so I am learning to accept life as it is and move on. Even if these nighttime thoughts make it hard to do, I am going to try and overcome the negative thoughts and turn them positive. Maybe once I begin my meditation tonight it will help me falling asleep. A positive life is a hard thing to have when surrounded by so much negativity. Will it be worth it? That is a question that the only answer I tell myself is,”I sure hope so.” I have realized that writing down all my thoughts actually help me realize my goals and what I need to be focused on. I am also hoping to open up and explore my mind on this blog so that I will be able to do it in person eventually. I have always been the girl to hold her feelings in to make others happy and not come off how every other girl acts, but maybe it would be a good thing.

New Beginnings

I recently read a post about how to make yourself grow and one of the tips was to blog. I have recently been looking into bettering myself to live a more positive life. Being that lent is coming up next week, I decided to give something to myself rather than giving a pointless bad habit. I have been looking into meditating to rid my mind of all the clutter and negativity. In the past few months I have realized that I have become very negative towards myself and others and noticed it has taken a toll on me. I automatically assume the worst of a situation because that is all I have ever known. My mind wanders and I let myself put that negatively onto others. To begin my journey to this new life I am beginning meditating and also avoiding boys!! That is by far the reason for me being negative. I can not see myself being with anyone until I am able to open up and be comfortable with my own being!

I write about life