Sunshine means happiness


Sun is shining bright and it’s 81 degrees in Michigan! Boy did I need this! Shitty weather always brings me down and I get crabby. Best mode I have been in in months because I’m getting some sun! Also, I’m leaving for New Jersey this afternoon so I’m hoping the weather is as good as ours here in Michigan. Very excited to get a break from work and school to relax by the beach (even though it won’t be warm). I’ll be happy to be able to wear jeans and a hoodie and walk by the water. My idea of paradise. Who couldn’t be happy when you’re sitting on a beautiful beach listening to the waves hit the shore? Read a good book on a blanket and I’ll be set! Can’t wait to leave but have lots to do before I do; such as get a little tan (:. Have a wonderful day and enjoy this beyond beautiful weather if you have it!


Look up

Look up by Gary Turks
I have just watched the video above not once but 3 times. It talks about the problems with technology and social media today. He simply says it. We miss out on experiences sitting behind our phones or computers all day long. When we feel uncomfortable in public we just pull out our phones. Most people think it makes them feel less alone. No longer do we make conversation with random people in public, rather we sit on twitter.

He makes the point of showing what we miss out on looking at our computer screen, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What have I missed out on?” For how much I sit on my phone going through Instagram, I have missed out on a lot. A lot of experiences passed up. And experiences we do have is it the same if we don’t share it on social media? Did it really happen if we don’t post a tweet or picture about where we were? We don’t seem to think so. We find time to post all these pictures so that people can see exactly what were doing at every hour of the day. We aren’t living anymore. How can we enjoy an experience if we’re only worried about making sure other people know what we’re doing. And the people that were are publicizing our experiences for don’t even care. Most “friends” on social networks are people we have never talked to in person. They are our online friends. Do we really want to waste amazing experiences with people who don’t give a damn? I’d much rather be in the moment and enjoy it for myself

If you have yet to watch this video, I highly recommend it. Definetly an eye opener and makes you want to put your phone down and go live. Have a great day all, and most of all, make it productive.

Too long

Been an extremely long time since I have written on here last. Sometimes life seems to be too much to handle and you need to take a step back. Between having a job, school, and other priorities breaks are needed. Time for your mind and body to relax so you don’t go crazy! That is exactly what I have been lately because of stress. Why do people expect so much out of young kids these days when we have twice as much to worry about?

Let me begin with college costs more than double it did when our parents were once in school. Classes are more demanding and are needed if you want to go anywhere in life. We have to work long hours on top of going to school full time to pay for our college expenses. Why can’t life be simpler? You learn more from being hands on, not from 3 hour lectures where you go over exactly what you could read out of a book. I believe in experiences help you learn. Memorizing 3 chapters for a test does not prove you learned anything. I do not agree with the all the priorities us young people are given today by parents, teachers, etc.

Realize what your too priorities are in life then go after the things you want. If you try hard enough and believe in yourself you can do anything, and whether that involves school or not is your choice. Don’t put too much unnecessary stress on yourself so young. Eventually we figure out that things we worried about a week ago was a smaller problem than it appeared to be. Relax, breathe, and be happy. Life’s too short to be anything but that.


So today I experienced hell…I did the insanity workout. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I have done all the videos such as p90x and have always been a basketball player. I do HIIT training almost 4 days a week but I thought I was going to die doing it. Not in a bad way though! My friend is a certified instructor and has a class. It had me dripping sweat in 5 minutes and by the end of the 45 minute workout I just layed on the floor. If you want to try and challenge yourself then do this workout. For someone as physically active as me it was extremely difficult. I’m willing to do anything at this point to get into the best shape I can be. It gets hard eating healthy all the time but anything to get to where I want to be


Get it done!

No workout is a good workout unless you are dripping sweat at the end. That is the philosophy I live by. You don’t need to get a gym membership for a good workout, you can do it at home. Even just buying some resistance bands off of Amazon for cheap can give you a better workout. If you don’t want to spend any money there are plenty of workouts that can be done without using machines or weights. Personally I need the weights and all the machines because I can do more of a variety with them. Anything is possible if you get out there and do it. Working out everyday will make you feel so much better. I know I don’t feel like I can go forward with my day until I go to the gym. Finally starting to see my lats. Can’t wait until my back muscles are more defined!



Health has always been a huge part of my life, but just recently I have become more serious about it. I have always been a gym rat and seeing results is the greatest thing in the world. It makes me feel proud of myself. Although I may cheat and eat some bad things, I am only human and it will happen. As long as I get back on track then it’s okay. It’s hard to try and eat healthy when no one in my family does. I am in school right now to become a dietitian so let’s hope this all pays off. Or who knows maybe health will take me in a different direction. Progress is slow but that’s the beauty in it. I enjoy working for what I want, which is to have abs!! I have baby abs right now but they will get there by summer! (:


here I come!

This spring break coming up is a much needed one! I bet anyone in college can agree with that. So, I may not be going anywhere warm but I decided to buy a bus ticket to Chicago for a few days. Why not spend some money on a well deserved vacation. Hoping to see the city and eat some good food with friends. I can’t wait!

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