New Beginnings

I recently read a post about how to make yourself grow and one of the tips was to blog. I have recently been looking into bettering myself to live a more positive life. Being that lent is coming up next week, I decided to give something to myself rather than giving a pointless bad habit. I have been looking into meditating to rid my mind of all the clutter and negativity. In the past few months I have realized that I have become very negative towards myself and others and noticed it has taken a toll on me. I automatically assume the worst of a situation because that is all I have ever known. My mind wanders and I let myself put that negatively onto others. To begin my journey to this new life I am beginning meditating and also avoiding boys!! That is by far the reason for me being negative. I can not see myself being with anyone until I am able to open up and be comfortable with my own being!


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